Collecting vintage motorcycles is more than just a hobby, by the way, it is a part of life. That’s right, so, if you want to engage in this journey, then you need to fill your head with a lot of information about these beasts you want to collect. Here are some great reads for you.

Four Decades of Motorcycle Tales and Musings from the Pages of Cycle World

Peter Egan

Peter Egan is a renowned expert in automotive and motorcycles. He is the man behind some of the best newspaper columns about automotive and motorcycles. In this book, you will not only learn more about motorcycles but also discover all of Egan’s amazing road tales of the last four decades.

Here, you will find out about his collection, his insights on different topics related to automotive, and most importantly, you’ll be introduced to what life is like on the open road.

Ride Free Forever: The Legend of Harley-Davidson

Oluf Fritz Zierl and Dieter Rebman

By the way, collecting vintage motorcycles is not just so you can display them for people to see. You need to feel what it’s like to be one with these road beasts, we mean it. In this book, you’ll learn everything about Harley Davidson motorcycles from the beginning.

This is one of the favourite books of our founder Tom Craig. Harley Davidson is synonymous with vintage motorcycles. So, learning about this brand is equivalent to learning more than half of the history of motorcycles. Don’t forget to subscribe.